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INCOTEC CARGO delivered 1 000 tons of equipment for Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant-2

INCOTEC CARGO carried out transportation of 1 000 tons of heavyweight and oversized power-generating equipment produced by JSC Machine-Building Plant ZiO-Podolsk.

The shipment consisted of 2 Separators, 4 Superheaters and 4 High Pressure Heaters. Each HP Heater length equaled 12.4 meters, height 3.9 meters and weight 137 tons.  The most “miniature” were separators with their height of 4.6 meters, length – 6.7 meters and weight – 40 tons each.  
Equipment transportation from Podolsk (Moscow Region) to Sosnoviy Bor (Leningrad Region) has been carried out by means of low-bed trailers. Plan of transportation has been worked out and in its accordance 1 separator and 2 superheaters were to be delivered to the Consignee simultaneously. Heaters have been delivered separately from the rest of equipment as special terms of transportation were required. In the end of October 2012 the transportation of the whole shipment has been completed successfully.      
In the Russian market of heavyweight and oversized cargo transportation INCOTEC CARGO is one of leading companies.  The Company is a long-term partner of Atomstroyexport JSC and delivers the equipment for Kudankulam Nuclear Power Station in India, Bushehr Nuclear Power Station in Iran, Tianwan Nuclear Power Station in China, power-generating equipment with total weight of 4 000 tons for “Belene” Nuclear Power Plant (Bulgaria) and “NORD” Nuclear Power Plant (Germany).  
Besides INCOTEC CARGO carries out transportation of heavyweight and oversized cargo for construction of Russian Nuclear Power plants. Among Consignees are Kalinin, Leningrad and Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plants. Shipments are arranged ex works the leading Russian companies such as: Izhorskiye Zavody JSC, OJSC Power Machines, Electrosila, JSC Machine-Building Plant ZiO-Podolsk and many others.  
The total volume of equipment delivered by our Company for nuclear power plants exceeds 1 million tons.