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Delivery to Serbia has been completed

31st March 2012 the final equipment unit has been delivered to NIS Pancevo Oil Refinery (Serbia) which is being built in partnership with Gazprom Neft.

We started Contract performance in December 2010.
Within the period from January 2011 till March 2012 it has been delivered more than 70 equipment units with the total volume of 5 000 freight tons.
There were 3 ways of delivery ex works JSC Uralhimmash to Pancevo Oil Refinery (Serbia):
-    Direct railway transportation with bogie change operation on the borderline of Ukraine and Hungary (more than 20 wagons) for standard gauge conversion (1 435 mm), in some cases reloading to other wagons.
-    Inland trucking;
-    Multimodal transportation – inland trucking and water way. Reloading in such transit ports as Rostov-on-Don, Constantza and Pancevo.  

Let us point out the most difficult and remarkable moments of transportation.
May – June of the year 2011.  Absorber direct railway transportation (weight 118 tons, length 24.4 meters, width 2.9 meters, height 3 meters). It has been arranged by means of 16axle coupling transporter (model 14-6049).
The uniqueness was that bogie change operation for transporter of that type has been made first time in the history of Russian railways. Technology of the bogie change has been specially worked out for this transportation by experimental design bureau “TRANSPORTER”.
It took place at Mukachevo station, the border between Ukraine and Hungary. By means of 2 trains equipped with cranes absorber has been discharged and bogie change has been made.
January – March 2012 – the most oversized unit transportation. Rich Amine Flash Drum – weight 55 tons, length more than 15 meters, height 4.5 meters, width 5 meters.
Ex works the unit has been delivered to the port of Rostov-on-Don by means of special trailer, then sea freight to the port of Constantza (Romania) with further reloading on barge which delivered it to Pancevo. Then the unit was transported to the site by special trailer. 4 shipments were delivered under this scheme of transportation.

We met the biggest difficulties while transporting on Azov Sea and the Danube River.
December 2011 - Due to abnormal low water level in the Danube River (hasn’t been observed in this time of year for the last 70 years) the barge could move on daytime only after changing powerful tug for 2 ones with less draft, making depth measurements and reconnoitering.

January - February 2012
- navigation on the Danube River has been stopped because of cold weather settled in this area. 
Due to extremely hard situation in the area of Azov Sea m/v Rossiyanin has been waiting for icebreaker assistance in Kerch Strait within the period of 12th till 29th February 2012  (by that time there were about 100 ships awaiting for  that).
29th February 2012 m/v Rossiyanin proceeded Her movement. 4th March – has gone alongside to the port of Rostov-on-Don. 5th March –Hot Low Pressure Separator with its weight of 42 tons was loaded on board.
This unit was the last one under the Contract with JSC Uralhimmash and 31st March, as it has been mentioned before, was successfully delivered to the Consignee.   

Despite all the difficulties, including meteorological ones, equipment transportation for Oil Refinery (Serbia) lasted more than 1 year has come to an end.

The construction of the hydrocracking and hydrotreating complex commenced 21st June 2010 within the frames of Naftna Industrije Srbije’s (NIS) refining capacities modernization. Majority interest strategic stake of Naftna Industrije Srbije’s (NIS) (51%) belongs to Gazprom Neft. Gazprom Neft’s aggregate investments into the Pancevo Refinery upgrading projects amount to 500 mln euro till 2012. In accordance with the modernization programme, complex start-up is scheduled for the third quarter of 2012.