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INCOTEC CARGO has delivered 1000 tons of equipment for the Kirishi Refinery

INCOTEC CARGO has arranged delivery of the 2nd shipment of heavyweight and oversized cargo with its total weight of more than 1000 tons meant for renovation of KINEF Refinery located in Kirishi, Leningrad Region. 


In total from the Port of Saint Petersburg to Kirishi by means of different types of transport it has been delivered 146 items of equipment for construction of high–octane gasoline plant. The shipment also contained 70 items of heavyweight and oversized column equipment. The length of some of columns reached 28 meters and weight 105 tons. Discharging of the most heavyweight and oversized items has been carried out by port and mobile cranes coupled together.  Then equipment has been loaded on different types of transport and delivered by multimodal scheme to the job site of KINEF Petrochemical Complex in Kirishi. 
The transportation has been arranged within the long-term Contract and under its terms INCOTEC CARGO has already delivered for KINEF 4000 freight tons of heavyweight and oversized equipment in October of the year 2013. That shipment consisted of 54 items of column equipment. The length of some of them varied from 12 to 25,7 meters and weight from 36,8 to 45,5 tons. Furthermore the width and height of the most part of these columns exceeded 3 meters. 
This is not the first experience of cooperation between one of the largest petrochemical complexes in Russia KINEF and INCOTEC CARGO. In the year of 2005 to the job site of the Complex in Kirishi, by means of different types of transport, it has been delivered 23 reactors including columns with their weight of 1065 tons each, length up to 69 meters and diameter up to 10,5 meters. The total volume of equipment delivered was 25 000 freight tons. Realization of this unique project has already entered the history of Russian heavyweight and oversized cargo transportation.  The only way to deliver the column with its weight of 1000 tons to Kirishi was the river one. However, existing navigation conditions of rivers Volkhov and Chernaya, at that period of time did not allow delivering the cargo without a huge scope of preparatory work. For that transportation 2 specialized barges were refitted and modernized. To go under the bridge across the Volkhov River, barges were partially flooded. The Chernaya River was not ever navigable, so before forwarding the barge with such a heavy cargo on board, dredging works have been done there first.