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The unique cargo has been delivered by INCOTEC CARGO to Nizhnekamsk

INCOTEC CARGO completed unique simultaneous transportation of two hydrocracking reactors to Nizhnekamsk for OJSC TANECO weighing 2.5 thousand tons in total.

The uniqueness was that till that time there was no any Russian transport company dealing with such heavyweight cargo. The weight of each reactor is 1250 tons. Its length is more than 37 meters, width 7.74 meters and height 6.5 meters.
Delivery to berth on Neva River with further loading on board of the barge was carried out with the help of several Russian and foreign contractors attracted by INCOTEC CARGO. 8 Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) produced by German companies such as Scheuerle and Goldhofer were used for the transportation with the payload of 216 tons each.
SPMT are modular trailers that can be mounted to each other so that it is possible to make any configuration necessary for transporting a load of any size and weight. SPMT are not pulled by a truck like conventional trailers, but they are equipped with a Power Pack Unit which provides the propulsion. The SPMT come in modules of 4 axle lines or 6 axle lines. Each axle line has 2 axles and each axle has 2 tires. One of the major advantages of SPMT’s is the great maneuverability of the trailers. The trailer combination can drive forward, backward, sideways, diagonal and can even rotate on the spot (carrousel).
Alongside with high-technology vehicle usage, INCOTEC CARGO carried on great preliminary work. In the suburb of Saint Petersburg on the bank of the Neva River a special berth was built in order to load reactors on the barge by Ro-Ro method as well as the road to the berth was paved from the manufacturer’s plant.
Flat-top river barge with its length of 102 meters, width 16, 5 meters refitted significantly had been chosen for the transportation. Its propulsion was provided by tug with a capacity of 1500 hp. This barge delivered reactors to Nizhnekamsk. The specialized dock type berth was built there as well. Discharge was arranged by Ro-Ro method. Inland transportation was carried out by Scheuerle’s SPMT which was delivered to Nizhnekamsk by trucks.
In the course of discharge we met serious technological matters as during the first reactor rolling out the strain of the barge had happened. Being already difficult, in all respects, operation was additionally complicated with necessity of repairing the barge afloat restoring all the strength characteristics. We may truly say that this kind of work did not take place before. The matter was solved undertime. Repairing works were held round-the-clock despite the 45 degrees above zero. The second reactor rolling out was completed successfully. The transportation by itself was accomplished on 7 August 2010.
The successful completion of the hardest transportation certifies that in the Russian market of heavyweight and oversized cargo transportation, INCOTEC CARGO is one of leading companies. INCOTEC CARGO cooperates with the worldwide leading manufacturers and suppliers of the handling equipment and uses it in its work.
The Company is a long-term partner of Atomstroyexport JSC and delivers the equipment for Kudankulam Nuclear Power Station in India, Bushehr Nuclear Power Station in Iran, Tianwan Nuclear Power Station in China. INCOTEC CARGO arranged hundreds unique heavyweight and oversized shipments such as: equipment transportation for “Sea Launch” programme; petrochemical companies OJSC “Surgutneftegas”, Kirishinefteorgsintez, "Salavatnefteorgsintez", OJSC ТАNЕCО; Rosenergoatom Concern OJSC and many others.