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INCOTEC CARGO carried out unique shipment

15-16th June 2010 INCOTEC CARGO arranged unique transportation and loading on barge of two Hydrocracking Reactors (total weight 2.5 thousand tons).

The uniqueness was that till that time there was no any Russian transport company dealing with such heavyweight cargo.  The weight of each reactor is 1250 tons. Its length is more than 37 meters, width 7.74 meters and height 6.5 meters.
Preparation for this project – transportation ex works Izhorskiye Zavody to the job site of OJSC TANECO (Nizhnekamsk) has been conducting within almost 2 years. We attracted several foreign and Russian contractors for inland trucking from Kolpino to the place of loading on barge in Metallostroy. We use Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT) produced by German companies such as Scheuerle and Goldhofer for that operation.

Modular Transporters Scheuerle are made as right angled platform, equipped with 12 wheels, each of them has its own engine and hydraulic steering system. One of the major advantages of SPMT is its great maneuverability even in limited space. It is possible to make any combination of these transporters, depending on cargo weight and dimensions. It is no coincidence that the most difficult and unique transportations of heavyweight and oversized cargo all over the world are being arranged by using these vehicles. 
Alongside with high-technology vehicle usage, INCOTEC CARGO has done great preliminary work.  In the suburb of Saint Petersburg on the bank of the Neva River a special berth was built in order to load reactors on the barge by Ro-Ro method as well as the road to the berth was paved from the manufacturer’s plant. 
Flat-top river barge with its length of 102 meters, width 16, 5 meters refitted significantly has been chosen for the transportation. Its propulsion will be provided by tug with a capacity of 1500 hp. This barge will deliver Reactors to Nizhnekamsk. The specialized dock type berth was built there as well. Discharge will be arranged by Ro-Ro method. Inland transportation will be carried out by Scheuerle’s SPMT which will be delivered to Nizhnekamsk by trucks.