2009 - Inland trucking of 64 oversized waste-heat boilers (32 tons each) for Kaliningrad Combined Heat and Power station № 2. Customer: Machine-Building Plant ZiO-Podolsk



2008-2009 - Railway delivery of 15 oversized modules exceeding 2700 tons in total (including 3 modules 243 tons each) from Machine-Building Plant ZiO-Podolsk to MOSENERGO (Combined Heat and Power station № 26). Customer: EMAlliance



2008-2009 - Handling of equipment in the port of Saint Petersburg from ocean-going vessel to specialized railway rolling stock (total weight 530 tons). Customer: The Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (MMK)



2008 - Door-to-door delivery of oversized (up to 19 meters) finned tubes exceeding 4000 tons from Germany including trucking via Europe, loading on board a vessel, freight, handling operations in the port of Saint Petersburg, customs clearance and inland trucking delivery to the warehouse of   Kashira Steel Structures and Boiler Building Plant. Customer: Machine-Building Plant ZiO-Podolsk



2008 - Tunnel-boring machine handling in the port of Saint Petersburg. Total weight 1150 tons. Customer: Moskovsky Metrostroy



2008 - Receipt and handling of imported power equipment from NPP Belene, Bulgaria at the port of Saint Petersburg with further truck and railway transportation to Kalininskaya NPP, Izhorskiye Zavody, Leningradskaya NPP, Machine-Building Plant ZiO-Podolsk. Total weight 4000 tons. This project was effected within the frames of “Federal Target Program of Developing the Country's Nuclear Energy Industrial Complex in 2007-2010 and long-term until 2015”. Customer: Atomstroyexport JSC

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