2008- Transportation of column and reactor equipment loose parts (weight per unit up to 80 tons). Total weight 2300 tons. The carriage had been arranged by the own trailer. Customer: Izhorskiye Zavody



2008 - Trucking and railway delivery of 10 gasholders (capacity 2000 м3) from Halikko Works OY, Finland to Nizhnekamsk, TANECO. Customer: OMZ Oil and Gas Projects




2007-2008 - Inland trucking by the own trailer of power equipment   exceeding 1000 tons including transformers of 95 tons by order of TGC-1. Customer: Power Machines, Izhorskiye Zavody, Machine-Building Plant  ZiO-Podolsk



2007-2008 - Handling operations in the port of Saint Petersburg, stuffing 40’OT containers and sea freight to the port Yangon, Union of Myanmar of oversized metal-roll (up to 12 meters) of total weight exceeding 600 tons for Myanmar Economic Corporation. Customer: State Enterprise ‘Foreign Economic Association ‘Tyazhpromexport’ (V/O Tyazhpromexport)








2007 - Sugar refinery transportation from the port of Waterford, Ireland to Liski, Voronezh region. The volume shipped: 950 tons including 28 x 40ft containers and heavy lifts weighing 90 tons each. Customer: Liskisugar



2007 - Inland trucking to the port of Saint Petersburg and further shipment of the steam-turbine for export to India, Thermal Power Plant Sipat. Customer: Power Machines – the branch LMZ

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